Do You Have Annoying Neighbors? Annoy Them Back With One Of These Easy Tricks!

Seems we all have at least one annoying neighbor and no matter how many times you’ve tried to discuss the matter with them…they still continue to annoy you! There are many ways to get even with them but the main goal is to do it and not land you a ticket or go to jail. I know as kids we used to light a bag of dog doo doo on fire and ring their doorbell. Watching them come out and stomp out the fire covering their feet with poo while watching from a distance was hilarious! Today we know that can be dangerous. We also used to egg their house or toilet paper a tree. That is now vandalism and is punishable by law. Here are a few easy ways you can nonchalantly get away with annoying them back. t’s time for some payback for them. These neighbors won’t see you coming because they are too self-absorbed.

1Snake them!

Place rubber snakes around their garden beds or on their front porch. Have the video camera ready for when they leap. Post the video on YouTube.