14 Things People Who Are Always Late Will Totally Understand

“Sorry, I’m late.” Does this sound like you?

For some people, being late is a talent (or superpower!). It seems that no matter how easy people make it for you to be on time, you will ALWAYS be late. That takes some serious skill. Here are 14 things forever late people will completely relate to.

1. Every clock you own is set to ten minutes fast.

Every day you sh*t yourself thinking you’ll be late, but then realize you’ve tricked yourself and have ten minutes to spare… and end up late. Obis.

Always Late-1

2. Your friends are well aware of your lateness

So your friends tell you to meet them half an hour before everyone else. You know their tricks too, so still end up late.


3. Whenever you’re not the last member of the group to arrive, you’re super proud of yourself.


4. Your alarm “hasn’t gone off” more times than you can remember.


5. You’ve heard the “late for your own funeral” joke so many times now, you don’t actually hear it when people say it.


6. If there’s something reaaalllyy important to attend (like maybe, your own wedding), you’ll turn up irrationally early and just have to wait around for two hours.


7. Whilst waiting for two hours, you’ll get bored, wander off and still end up being late. Damn it, so close.


8. You still get those nerves when you have to walk into a meeting or lecture late, but you’ve mastered doing it quietly so that hardly anyone even notices anymore (or they’re all just too busy expecting you to be late already…)


9. On more than one occasion, you’ve been so late that you’ve actually just turned around and not bothered to go.


10. People are super surprised if you get anywhere on time.


11. Your “5 minutes” can mean anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours.


12. You frequently start thinking of ways to make yourself get to places on time, but then your old self prevails and you go back to what you know best; being late.


13. You’ve started just texting your friends with the words “I’m late”, rather than trying to think of new excuses.


14. Instead of doing what you were supposed to be doing, you got distracted reading this list, and are now late…


There’s always tomorrow… or next week.