Hide Your Cats! Its Fun Facts About ALF

Yes. we all know ALF was the cat eating alien from Melmac, , but there’s plenty you (probably) don’t know about Gordon Shumway and his classic television show. ALF was the first television show to be presented in Dolby Surround Sound!  The ALF set was apparently seething with tension and troubles. The technical demands of such a program were especially wearing on the human cast, many of whom hated playing second banana to an inanimate puppet. In 1988, Burger King ran an ALF promotion that included giving away ALF puppets and cardboard records. ALF himself sang on the records, with songs like “Melmac Rock” and “Take Me, ALF, to the Ballgame.” But there is much more to learn with all these Alf fun facts!

1Paul Fusco


The voice of ALF, Paul Fusco, also operated the ALF puppet—most of the time. When ALF needed to be shown in his full glory, actor Mihaly Meszaros—who stands two feet nine inches tall—stepped into the costume. The show’s set was built on a platform that was four feet above the ground, so that Fusco could puppet ALF anywhere on the stage. Fusco used a series of trapdoors to puppet ALF around, and they sometimes needed to be reset in the middle of a scene. Paul Fusco is reportedly working on an all-new CGI-live action feature film based on the series. Sony Pictures Animation owns the rights now.