WOW, The Hottest 80s Music Video Vixens Then And Now!

Music videos were basically invented in the 1980s, and they certainly defined an era, as well as a generation. When MTV first hit people’s living rooms’ it was like magic had descended to Earth, as every kid and adult alike began to listen to their favorite chart-topping track, while watching a usually psychedelic music video, to accompany it. It was pure heaven, and it was new! The videos just seemed to get better and better, and almost always featured stunning women, AKA Vixens, who made the videos even more popular and even iconic in some cases. Here we take a look at some of the hottest ’80s music video vixens, and where they are in the here and now…

1Mak Gilchrist – “Addicted To Love”

Mak had that classic 80s vixen look about her, and being that she was already a model, the skip into the world of music videos was an easy one. She did a few music videos, with this one being the best known.80s-video-vixens-02
At the age of 48, Mak looks distinctly different from how she did in her younger days. She is a lot blonder and she was the face of Chanel Allure, as well as numerous others. She also owns a community gardening project called the Edible Bus Stop.