10 Power Ballads By Hair Bands From The 80s We Still Love Today!

Those “manly” hair bands slowing it down and showing a more sensitive side and often coming up with some of their catchiest and most-career defining hits. Songs we loved in the 80’s are still making a hit with today. These are great sing-a-longs. Windows down and jammin’ to our favorite 80’s songs will never cease to end. These are also found in most karaoke lists.  Going the route of the power ballad was an absolute given in the 1980s if you were in a hard rock band like Def leopard, Poison and Journey just to name a few.     And yes, we do take responsibility for keeping these songs popular and the artist’s careers alive. Who doesn’t love a great power ballad from the 80’s?! Here is just a short list of many greats!

1Night Ranger – “Sister Christian”

Much to their distress, this song was the band’s biggest hit by far and was written and sung by drummer Kelly Keagy about his younger sister Christy when he was struck by how fast she was growing up.