24 Things You Should Really Thank Your Boyfriend For

They're alright sometimes...

If you’ve been with your crush for a while, it can be easy to forget all the little things he does to make you happy. We think you should take a minute to appreciate your manfriend, and maybe say a thanks or two!

1. Dealing with a mouthful of hair whenever you want to be the little spoon.

2. For sacrificing his body heat for yours when you’re half naked waiting for a taxi after a night out.


3. Putting up with your constant sh*t, whether it be complaining or full on annoying him.

4. Not straight up punching you in the face when you steal all the duvet. (Which is ALWAYS).


5. Listening to you rant about that annoying woman at work and expressing his hate for her also.

6. Reassuring you for the 50th time today that you’re not fat.


7. Understanding when you can’t be bothered to shave properly…

8. And showing appreciation when you actually do.


9. Being a boyfriend most of the time, but being just a friend when that’s what you need him to be.

10. Dealing with your long, stray hairs that show up literally everywhere, because you shed more than any dog ever could.


11. Endlessly telling you how lucky he is… when in fact maybe it’s you who’s the lucky one.

12. Dealing with your itchy hair, your insane level of body heat at night, and the dead arm just because you want to cuddle.


13. Because he pays for you, constantly and everywhere.

14. For playing with your hair and of course, rubbing your back.


15. Sending those morning texts. Even if he had to wake up earlier just to ensure you wake up to one.

16. For making an effort with your closest friends.


17. For being super supportive of everything.

18. For not agreeing that your super hot friend is super hot. (Even if it’s true)


19. For doing dumb things just to make you smile.

20. For putting up with your PMS bullsh*t once a month, and trying everything he can to make you feel better.

22. For understanding when you don’t know how to put what you’re feeling into words.


22. For not complaining when it takes what feels like two days to get ready.

23. For sticking with you when you’ve been a know-it-all, a grump, and just plain unpleasant.

24. And for just generally being your partner-in-crime.