15 Incredible Abandoned Places From Around The World

All of these places were once filled with people living their lives and minding their own business. Abandoned for different reasons, now they look more like ghost towns or even the set of some horror movie. The mysterious remains of these formerly crowded and noisy locations can provoke fear, curiosity and excitement all at the same time.

Knowing that only the most courageous risk-takers will dare to visit any of these places, we at OMG Views decided to take our very own virtual tour. Join us!

1The ghost town of Bodie in California, USA


The town was officially founded in 1876, when miners discovered rich deposits of gold and silver here. In search of wealth and a better life, people flooded into the small town. Soon the place earned the reputation of ‘sin city’, full of brothels and hopjoints. Subsequently, Bodie went bankrupt, and by the 1940s it became a real ghost town. Currently it is considered to be one of the best well-preserved ghost towns in the world.