11 Pics That Show How Much People Are Addicted To Their Phone

What do you think, what is that one important thing on which you rely the most? For me, it’s a phone that always remain with me. Either I’m at a job, I’m eating, or I’m in the loo, wherever I am, my cell phone is the only thing that remains with me always. But, as soon as my phone’s battery starts popping the red battery icon, my hearts too start beating hard with fear of being away with it for minutes and hours.

I thought I was the only one who goes crazy after watching phone’s battery’s alarming condition. But, after watching few people on the Internet dying for charging their cell phones, I got pretty happy. You too will go bonkers after watching these guys, who were desperately charging their phone anywhere in any situation.

1. When your phone dies in the museum


2. I don’t know how this phone charger is sticked to the ceiling till now


3. I wasn’t aware of a fridge charger


4. Nature has always helped us in any hard situation


5. For that single charge you can even sit on shits


6. Now, no one can accuse of chatting in class


7. This is the result after drinking heavily


8. Again, you can expect something like this from any drunkard only


9. Jumpstarters can work well in need


10. This is what happens when you forget your adapter while traveling


11. This man looks like he does it daily