10 Most Underrated Hard Rock Songs Of The 80s

Every album has some great songs played on the jukebox and radio while some are just underdog songs that never quite made it.  These B-side creations may get a slight amount of airtime but aren’t embraced by the public as much as they so richly deserve. For anyone who ever purchased an album in the 80’s, you can probably name plenty of songs that you wish had made it to the top 40. It’s never too late to bring out the old vinyl and hear each and every song on it…even those that never made the top 10 list.  We all have at least one tune we feel should be in this list but here is a short list of 10 underrated hard rock songs i think you will enjoy.

1“Lonely Is the Night” – Billy Squier

If you’ve ever played Guitar hero you would of had to hear this amazing song with the guitar solo. It just didn’t get much air time in the 80’s yet we’ve come to love it today!