10 Things Nobody Told You About Fishing!

So you want to go fishing! There are many factors that will depend on what you catch from the type of pole, time of day, type of bait and source from where you plan to fish. It’s going to be a smelly sport …so get used to it. Not everyone can accept the foul smell of the fish or the bait. Yet it is one of the most relaxing and rewarding sports out there! So, here is everything that no one bothers to tell you about fishing.

1Everything Smells

The fish smell. Your bait smells – whether it’s mouldy old cheese paste, sweaty maggots on the turn (which is when they get really ripe), fishmeal pellets or curry flavored boilies. Should you be fortunate enough to catch anything, your landing net and keep net will smell (especially if you leave them in the sun). Your clothes will soon become a rag to wipe your hands on, so they’ll smell. Finally, and most incontrovertibly, you will smell. No matter how rigorously you try to scrub up, you just will.