Tangled! Top 10 Hair Raising Facts About Hair

Most girls love their hair, but imagine having seventy feet or 21.3 meters of it, like Rapunzel! That is a lot of hair combing to have to deal with.  Most kids hate to have their hair brushed or combed but as adults we appreciate our hair more because as we age, so does our hair. And as you age, you lose some! Whether you favor long or short, straight or curly, blonde, red or dark, here are ten hair-raising facts about hair to deal with.


The average number of hairs on a person’s head is 100,000. Blondes tend to have more hair (average 140,000), whilst red-heads have the least (90,000 average). About 90% of the world’s population has dark brown hair, and studies of imported hair into the UK shows that blonde hair can cost up to three times as much as dark hair. The price for 100g of blonde, European hair is about £1,000 or $1440.30 in US Dollars.