10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds. WOW, Paying 100 Grand For This One Cat Is CRAZY!

110 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Most all the time you can find kittens or cats for free but to have an exotic cat will cost you!  Pedigree cats are way more expensive than moggies. Cats are the most popular pet in the world. Some cats are bred for show which means if you want a good bloodlined feline…be prepared to save up for it! Their cost depends on their rarity and purity. They take extra fine care and vet care. If you’re willing to, dole out the cash for one you’ll want the best care and products for it! Cats make great companions and give unconditional love to it’s owner which is known by the sandpaper kisses it will give (their tongues feel like sandpaper as they lick you). Cats are known being recognized as ESA’s  which means Emotional Support Animals. Here are the top 10 expensive cat breeds.